March 2018

by Tom Swift

31 Saturday
– Sad memories.
– Weakness.
– The work that comes from loneliness.
– Rejuvenation.
– Conversations about God in unexpected places.
– African art.

30 Friday
– Writing late into the evening.
– The moment you finish a long session of writing. There is no greater calm.

29 Thursday
– Happy memories.
– When you find yourself smiling for no particular reason.
– Deliveries from Canada.
– Time to think.

28 Wednesday
– The healing power of the confessional.
– Free coffee. And easily the best you’ve had all week.
– People whose souls radiate so sincerely that you cannot help but to be changed after encountering them.
– Pasta — the swirly kind.

27 Tuesday
– Helping out in a pinch.
– Giving your bounty away — and to a person who so clearly appreciates it.

26 Monday
– Chocolate.
– Ginger covered in chocolate.
– Finding yourself with extra chocolate.
– Texts in which the primary subject is chocolate (milk).
– Coconut coffee.
– Steak.
– Snow that slides right off your window.
– Snow that you can write into using your finger pen.
– Days when you get up early and your mind is already turning in the right direction.

25 Sunday
Showing up — even if you’re 10 and a half hours late.

24 Saturday
– Being so tired you fall asleep in the afternoon immediately after closing your eyes.
– Realizing when you’ve done all you can to make a friend; it’s not going to happen — better to know than to hold out hope.
– Kind servers.
– The struggle that is always there; grist for the mill; you always have room to grow.
– Free parking.
– Pot roast dinner.

23 Friday
– Extra time in the morning to snuggle with your little buddy.
– Plans for the evening that call for you to play with an adult buddy.

22 Thursday
– Staying true.
– Feeling blue.
– Recovering quickly.
– Birds that chirp before the sun comes out.
– The way you have learned to use your voice in new ways over time.
– What it does for you when you take a chance on a friend.
– Spending time looking at the contents of a new, dark room with only the aid of a flashlight.

21 Wednesday

20 Tuesday
You could stitch a novel together with the stories behind the disparate items scattered throughout the office: the folded newspaper open to a story about Navy SEALs on the desk; the red ribbon on the floor in the corner; a framed, decorative emblem written in Chinese; bookends — large and small, brown and black, metal bookend, at least eight of them — turned this way and that on top of the hanging cabinet; and an enormous secured paper recycling backed up against the window overlooking the park. The man sat with his back to us, staring into his computer screen, talking confidently and decisively handing over judgments on the matters at hand. We must have been there 15-16 minutes before he finally turned around, looked up and said, “how come there are so many people in my office?” Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

19 Monday
First days.

18 Sunday
– Messing around with friends on a Sunday morning.
– Invitations to have eggs.
– The Guthrie.
– Being moved. While watching a video. For school.
– Sushi in the car.
– Holy wasabi!

17 Saturday
– Making the stack smaller.
– Breakfast with a buddy.
– Seeing kids on bikes again.
– Going for walk without a hat on.
– The mental compost.

16 Friday
– Anticipation.
– Potlucks.
– Good reports.
– Yogurt. Plain yogurt.

14 Wednesday
– Self assessments.
– People who study deeply and think thoughtfully about the different ways in which human beings perceive the world.
– The endless opportunities that exist for learning, most of which cost little or no money.
– The endless opportunities for self-invention and self-growth, none of which cost any amount of money.

13 Tuesday
– New spaces.
– Hand-written notes of appreciation.

12 Monday
– Waking up, looking at the clock, and realizing you can sleep for another three hours.
– The sound of the coffeemaker.
– The power of the mind to self-heal.
– Full-spectrum lights.
– Old newspaper and magazine articles.

11 Sunday
– Long coffees with friends.
– Showing up even when it’s not easy and the audience can’t hear everything you’re saying.

10 Saturday
– Self-assessments.
– YouTube videos: who knew you could learn that?
– Being so immersed in something that you remember it decades later.
– Healing hands.
– Great sports stories.
– The sadness that comes from unfinished business.
– One nugget of personal truth. Even just the one can unlock a gate and empty you into new avenues of personal confrontation.

9 Friday
The old woman who calls you “honey” during your first conversation.

8 Thursday
– Getting up early despite the body’s plea to stay right where it is.
– New spaces.
– Quiet moments at the keyboard.
– Getting your point across.
– Supporting someone kind.
– Earned confidence.
– Taking your time.
– President Bartlet.

7 Wednesday
Fatigue. Sometimes you wish it never came but it does serve, and often in ways that you need.

6 Tuesday
– Unexpected hugs.
– Unexpected support.
– Unexpected easy commutes.
– When the barista knows you by name.

5 Monday
Confirmation of a correct decision.

4 Sunday
– A clean home.
– Coming home.
– Staying home.

3 Saturday
– Accepting a challenge. And getting ‘er done.
– The sound of snow melting on a rooftop.
– To-do lists. And getting ‘er done.
– Small but surprising pleasures.

2 Friday
– Moments of rare confidence.
– Listening to the shaky side of you, too — letting that be, not trying to cover it up.

1 Thursday
Receiving an offer that tells you that you are wanted.