May 2018

by Tom Swift

31 Thursday
– Long days
– Short hours.

30 Wednesday
– Green grass.
– Baby squirrels who run into the road and then go right back to the green grass.

29 Tuesday
– Dodging bullets.
– Dark clouds on the horizon.
– Thunderstorms.
– Rain.
– A big bowl of cabbage.
– A slim, new bracelet.
– Stealing extra cuddle time with your buddy early in the morning.
– What accumulates when you put your head down and do one thing at a time.
– Just saying it! It was funny after all!

28 Monday
– Nashville.
– Pedestrian bridges.
– Studio B.
– Vitamin C.
– The letter E.
– Your initial, T.
– Jammin’ hard.

27 Sunday
Being so happy you spontaneously laugh with no one else in the room.

26 Saturday
– Meeting an old friend for the first time.
– Frogger.
– Asteroids.
– BurgerTime.
– Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey.
– 24-hour art.
– Moments when Providence moves, too.

25 Friday
– A girl named Mae.
– A student named Brianne.
– A woman named Olivia.
– A man with one leg who makes spare ribs.
– Two gals, two dogs, and a great night for a walk to the store.
– Pigs.
– Pizza. An hour after barbecue. Just because.
– Being remembered by a restauranteur who still doesn’t know your name.
– The Gulch.
– A guitar-playing singer from Australia who is as personable as she is pretty.
– Hugs.

24 Thursday
– Hearing from a familiar friend.
– Making new friends. And suddenly easily.
– Art teachers.
– Tootsie’s.
– Graham crackers. The drink, not the yummy wafers.
– Warm nights under the lights.
– Fish and chips.
– Sight-seeing.
– A woman with peach flip-flops who pushed her walker around a park lake talking to someone you couldn’t see.
– People who care about people who are incarcerated.
– Johnny Cash.

23 Wednesday
– Opportunities.
– Hurricanes. Note: The drink, not the destructive tropical storm.
– Luxardo cherries.
– Pilots.
– Warm air.
– Total chill.
– Daubers of gray clouds in the otherwise blinding and beautiful sunshine of morning.
– Long-distance connections with old friends on account of disparate reseasons and odd resemblances.

22 Tuesday
– Free day! Making it constructive with diversions whenever moved to take them.
– Anticipation.

21 Monday
– Having someone in your life who tells you truth. Even the part of the truth you’d rather not hear. Especially that.
– Having friends in your life who make you feel so good just to be around them.

20 Sunday
The canvas that is one whole day. What will you paint?

19 Saturday
– The rising sun.
– The calm of morning.
– The way your dog’s head bows and bends, the way his body sags in pleasure, as you massages his shoulders.
– The way you can bend at yoga: progress!
– Filling a bucket with sweat.
– Being in the presence of truth revealed.
– Doing extra at work. Just to keep up.

18 Friday
– Being honest.
– Not saying too much.
– Not letting your shame take over.
– Pushing through.
– Being immersed in the day. Yet in the midst arises a conscious thought: in a few hours you will be home, you walk slowly in this warm and wonderful weather with your dog, you will be watching hockey, you will be eating a steak, you will take a chore or two, you will do it as you want to, you will be free.

17 Thursday
Asking for what you want and need, even when you know it’s unlikely to be given.

16 Wednesday
You didn’t realize how big a goal this was until you did it. You look at the video your buddy took of you lifting 500 pounds and how happy you were when, after reaching the top of the lift, you threw down the weight with a mixture of glee and anger. What can’t be seen in the video is how you walked around the gym clapping your hands and talking fast the way you do when you are giddy. After class, you take your dog to the river you go to many mornings before work. As he sniffed about, you watch a mallard float slowly alone down and around a bend beneath trees. Whatever is inside your body laughs.

15 Tuesday
Muggy mornings. Birds singing. The darkness of night not yet lifted. For a moment you can feel a jungle on the other side of the world.

14 Monday
– Lifting more weight than you did before. Even after a lousy night of sleep.
– Connecting with a longtime acquaintance in a way that starts to feel more like you are in facts friends.
– Mistakes. What they teach.
– Your dog’s eyes.
– The way your dog wants to play ball all over again, forty minutes after your last game.
– Love.
– Self reviews at work. Hate ’em. Love ’em.
– Facebook: you hate Facebook. But it was a nice surprise after work to see 69 likes of your mid-day post.
– Not joining in conversations that put others down. Even if they might have offered a reason.
– A steak dinner with sauteed onions and mushrooms.

13 Sunday
Sleeping in until the sun beams through the shades.
– “Two Cathedrals”: poetry disguised as an episode of television (The West Wing, Season 2, 2001).
– Art that makes you cry.

12 Saturday
– People who gently remind you when you have taken a joke a wee bit too far.
– Long walks in the sun with the birds chirping and your buddy sniffing.
– Personal retreat time.
– Friends who contact you out of the blue.
– Rain.
– Mom.

11 Friday
– Feeling good. After gaining a little weight over some stressful weeks you have things back on track and you feel it as you walk down the hall at work.
– Getting your haircut — really, really short.
– The very right song at the start of yoga.
– Finding a good deal on a flight to a place you want to go but didn’t think you could when you will.

10 Thursday
Speaking from your heart.

9 Wednesday
Listening to your heart.

8 Tuesday
– Morning yoga.
– Leaning back into the correct seated position.

7 Monday
– The moment after work when you get those clothes off now.
– The chance to wear shorts.

6 Sunday
– The Festival of Nations.
– Hawaiian dancing.
– Warm sun.
– Being surprised by someone you know.
– Surprising someone you know.
– Bindis.
– Funny hats.
– Sadness.
– Egypt.

5 Saturday
– Perfect mornings.
– Making a friend laugh so hard.
– Cold coffee. With cream.
– A good sweat.
– Bananas. Lots of bananas.
– Restarts.
– Writing projects.
– Clearing the decks.
– Snuggle time.
– Steven Stamkos’s ability to shoot a puck.

4 Friday
– Making yourself vulnerable in front of new colleagues.
– A nice moment with a deer. Yep, he really did say that.
– Digging in and seeing where you get.
– Fast preparation.
– Not having too much time to think about it.
– Leaning in.
– Taking off (when you need to).

2 Wednesday
– Being in the company of someone you connect with. Amazing, truly amazing, what can happen in even a few moments of interaction.
– Practical advise.
– Making the time to do your work.
– Getting to the end of the day and both you and your little buddy are just totally ready to zonk out.

1 Tuesday
Saying goodbye to April.