May 2019

by Tom Swift

 31 Friday
– Sweet ladies at the DMV. They do exist. You have proof.
– Long workouts with chocolate milk after.

30 Thursday
– Buying just the right amount of mulch.
– The person who invented the sprinkler.
– Your therapist.

29 Wednesday
– Extra sleep.
– The Dairy Queen.
– The one-eyed dog you saw at the Dairy Queen. So sweet. So ready to play. Further proof that dogs are the best.
– The way the unconscious comes up with way better solutions than does your monkey mind.
– Walks that veer off course.
– Comedy clubs.

28 Tuesday
– A rush of adrenaline to tackle projects early in the a.m.
– Itty bitty birds.
– Warm nights with nothing that you particularly have to do.

27 Monday
– Greasy burgers and good fries.
– Left-hand milk stout.
– Rainy days.
– Enough of a break in the rain to take a walk. You aren’t into this one but it’s good for you nonetheless.

26 Sunday
– The Trylon.
– The Coen Brothers.
–  Walks after the sun has already gone down.
– Second winds.

25 Saturday
– Mid-day coffee.
– Thrift-store shopping.
– Writing funny. The effect it has on you.
– Wasting time.
– Afternoons that are the perfect balance of warm and cool.
– Your father.

24 Friday
– Happy returns.
– Detours.
– Patient customer service people.
– The mouse who poked his head out at the garden center this afternoon.
– Opportunities to learn to delay gratification.
– Extra rest. Just need it now.

23 Thursday
The day before vacay.

22 Wednesday
When a problem gets solved for you — like that — poof, it’s gone.

21 Tuesday
– Kind people who work at vet clinics.
– The power of speaking out when someone does you wrong.

20 Monday
– Green grass.
– Night lights.

19 Sunday
– A sweet call.
– A day without the phone on.

18 Saturday
– Thunderstorms.
– Free lawn watering.
The Sun. The magazine. Note that this is no slight against the celestial body of the same name.
– Extra rest.
– Moments of calm.
– Moments when you want nothing and fear nothing.
– Being nervous and excited to see someone.

17 Friday
The anticipation of a rain storm.

16 Thursday
Taking time to breathe in the world with your buddy by your side.

15 Wednesday
– Finishing an essay.
– Earning a promotion.
– Some days are just bigger than others.

14 Tuesday
Mornings when it doesn’t take long to write long.

12 Sunday
– Making your own rainbow when you turn your hose just so.
– Cool but clear and comfortable mornings that are made for walking with your little buddy.
– Spinach and egg scramble, with garlic and onions.

11 Saturday
– Pulling weeds from the ground.
– Green grass.
– The little critter you see crawling in your grass.
– Finding flowers early.
– The discoveries of spring.

10 Friday
– The good that happens when you ask for what you need — even if you don’t exactly get it.
– When you wake up and feel good about the conversation you stayed up late to have the night before.
– Minnehaha from below the Falls.
– Meeting a woman named Siri — a real one, not the one who lives in your phone.
– Talking on the phone.

9 Thursday
Lenny’s Cookies. Chocolate chip, of course.

8 Wednesday
Think Thin bars. Brownie crunch is where it’s at.

5 Sunday
The Russian Museum of Art. Sundays are good days to look at art.

4 Saturday
– Meditation time.
– Seeing your breath in the early morning hours and yet it’s not all that cold out.
– When it’s a bunny bonanza during the morning walk.
– The DavidPal 36.
– Meeting a fellow writer and talking easy about everything that comes.
– Gerten’s.
– Ice baths.

3 Friday
– Easy people.
– The Fish Philosophy.
– Making funny at work.

2 Thursday
The month of May.

1 Wednesday
– Watching a fox amble in the early morning light.
– Spotting two rabbits watching you on the mid-morning walk.
– Getting your squats in. And the rest of the reps, too.
– Making mindfulness progress. Finding practical applications.
– Speaking up.
– Listening well.
– Exploring an area of the neighborhood for the first time.
– The promise of chocolate.