More Is Less

by Tom Swift

I notice how frequently I negotiate with myself in the gym: you should do more reps, more sets, more weight.

This is good so more must be better.

This is flawed thinking. I am still working my way back and, frankly, also searching for a smarter, new normal. What I did before was good but not always optimal.

I still have a lot to learn but it seems what my psyche is teaching me now is to do enough.

Enough is enough.

More than enough is too much.

Take your progress to the bank. Come back tomorrow — or the next day — and make another deposit. You cannot, should not, spend all of your energy all at once.

To be sure, it is not always easy to know what is enough. And, no doubt, perfection — whatever that is — is not the goal.

But you know enough as soon as you cut your set short.

You also know enough as soon as you do one rep too many.

The voice in your head tells you. The body tells you. They may not always be right. But usually they are and, besides, they’re all you’ve got.