New On the Menu: Crispy Blackened Chili

by Tom Swift

Let’s say — hypothetically — that before you started work in your home office this morning you started a crockpot of chili. Here you were, the day after it snowed, on a cool early spring day, a Friday no less, with hope of warmth and ease in your heart. (Very possibly you were also looking for an excuse to break into the bag of chili dipping corn chips you grabbed at Trader Joe’s the day before but that is but a mere detail in your moment of inspired planning.) Cooked on “low,” your pot of chili would be more than ready by lunchtime. And it was. And after you noticed that it was, you flipped the setting to “warm” an hour or so before so you could spoon up a warm but ready bowl during the fastest half hour of the day. Or so you thought. Except, instead of “warm,” you actually moved the setting to “high.” Which you didn’t find out until the crockpot started popping its lid. After scraping the chili from the pot, you noticed swatches of “burnt” floating about in the bowl.

My question to you is this: would you still eat it?

Asking for a friend.