No Free Rides

by Tom Swift

I have been thinking a lot of late about situations in which a choice must be made and neither option is easy.

If stayed on the levothyroxine I could for the rest of my life take a medication that my body very possibly doesn’t need. As meds go, this one is not known to be especially damaging. Yet it is a hormone. It is doing work the body is supposed to do itself. There are side effects to any medication. For one thing, the presence of the med tells a part of my body to stop working. It literally deadens a part of me.

By attempting to come off the levothyroxine I expose myself to other effects — a possible decrease in energy, weight gain, depression — the symptoms of hypothyroidism, in other words (even if I find that I don’t have the condition). My endocrinologist did not list these symptoms when I asked. But one can intuit. You don’t take something for fifteen years, stop cold turkey, and notice no difference. Not even if you are taking a placebo.

Members of Congress have been saddled with a difficult decision: what to do about this president.

To impeach would be potentially politically costly. This, incidentally, is not as personally expedient a position as it sounds (even if personal expedience is part of a specific Congressman’s or Congresswoman’s consideration). Without political capital you can’t do good for people. You can’t give them better health care.

To not impeach would potentially imperil the country; potentially (almost certainly) imperil the rule of law. What will the man — a man with no conscience, it has been proven without a doubt — do next if he’s able to make his own rules?

I know well the instinct to look for the road in life that doesn’t require a toll. If you find it, please let me know.