November 2018

by Tom Swift

30 Friday
– Late breakfast, cheesy eggs and quesadilla.
– Receiving positive feedback.
– Giving a warm welcome.
– Getting an unexpected break in the middle of the day.
– Getting ahead.
– Long walks well after dark.
– The glow of night lights on street corners.
– Movie houses.
– Big sweet potatoes you dip in butter.
– New treats for happy hips that the little buddy loves.

9 Friday
– The writing saves you. And it always can.
– Finishing a chapter. Few things better. Or more energizing.

8 Thursday
– People who provide friendly, necessary services at a reasonable price.
– Putting new breaks on the old car. Ready for winter. Well, almost.

7 Wednesday
– People who provide friendly, necessary services at a reasonable price.
– Filling in holes in your new home. Ready for winter. Well, almost.

6 Tuesday
– The calm and peace of a polling place. Everyone who works there is friendly. Everyone who stands before or after you in line is patient. We are all engaged in the same practice for similar reasons even if we choose different candidates. No ads. No placards. No shouting. No horn-tooting. As so little of life is spent this way you don’t even mind having to register first. OK, take your time, you say, whatever you need, no rush, this is good, you’re good, I am here, we are all here, something, at least, is right.
– Walking in the rain. So what if it means the little buddy’s going to need a bath.

5 Monday
– A short chat in the morning with one of those people who seem to be born to do what they do.
– People who really listen to you.
– Initiating conversations. Following the kismet of the encounter.
– The body: the world’s best lie detector.
– Hemp protein. Who knew it was so good for the skin?
– Discounted sardines.
– Hours at home in the evening, lowering the pile of mail, cleaning the floors, lowering the pile of stress, cleaning the disorder in your mind.

4 Sunday
– Pull-ups. The single best metaphorical exercise of them all.
– Working on a Sunday. Every hour counts as two.
– Raking wet leaves in the dark. On one hand, what a moron. On the other, look, you are almost done.
– Hacking down perennials.
– A short encounter at night with one of those people who help you understand your ignorance really isn’t so strange. You are maybe a little less of a moron about the land than you thought.
– A place to fail. A place to learn. Your laboratory. Increased responsibility.
– Falling asleep in seconds because you are just … so … tired.
– Listening to Seth Godin describe the clarity he has found about how to spend his days.

3 Saturday
– The power of daily progress.
– Getting to know a piece of land.
– Trying a new way to workout.
– Rocking the rowing machine.
– Coffee with a new friend.

2 Friday
Having a place to go to untangle the mess that so often is your mind.

1 Thursday
Being so immersed in the day you don’t even realize it’s your birthday.