Now Playing on Your Radio Dial

by Tom Swift

Used to be that it took some dexterity to change from one radio station to another. You didn’t press a button — or ask a mechanical female voice to press the button for you — but rather you moved a dial. Your thumb and index finger would spin the circular knob, as reflected in a red line that would hover over a row of frequencies. You twisted until you landed on the station you wanted. It wasn’t necessarily easy to be precise; you could be close — you could hear pure static or partial; you would often need to move the dial ever so slightly, right and left and right again — you could barely see the red line move — until the reception of your song or program come through. Until you landed as clearly as you could on your station.

This is your metaphor for focus.

First, one station at a time. To shift from to another is to encounter a great deal of static.

Next, remember you can seldom go from focusing on one thing into immediately focusing on another. There is an interregnum.

Third, actively resist the influences, endemic to modern life, that tempt you into thinking you can do otherwise. Most things tied to the Internet fall into this category.

Focus. On. One. Thing. At. A. Time.