October 2018

by Tom Swift

31 Wednesday
Neighborhoods that really do Halloween.

27 Saturday
Ducking into an old movie theater late at night and watching the original Halloween on the big screen.

20 Saturday
Sitting on your front step after a long and stressful day. A moment to see where you are. A moment to check-in with that part of you that can get muted in the shuffle and clash of the day. See what you should do about a conflict. Actually, you were there for this one. That was you. Nice work. Now you have a thousand and one things to do. But for a moment take this in. You have done something big. You are doing something important. No one else may see it that way; that’s OK. This is not for anyone else. It is important, it is big, for you. See those gold and orange-brown leaves on the grass as you rest with bent knees. Feel the sun on your nose. Listen. You are home. What a perch. Forty-five years to go four feet up. Yeah. You breathe.

19 Friday
Doing something you didn’t think was possible — something, frankly, you had written off years ago even attempting.

12 Friday
A meeting that goes better than you expected, producing the sensation that a goal you thought would be completed in 2016 might actually, finally, happen yet this year. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Oh the motivation of that light.

7 Sunday
The transition from one season to another: a bottleneck through which your body must pass. Temperature, light, energy — all these are different, shifting, lessening, and your systems do not adjust as quickly as they used to. OK. OK. OK.

6 Saturday
– An extra nap just because you need it.
– Talking a long walk in the afternoon.
– Running with your little buddy.
– Yelling while running.
– Watching him dash about an open pitch of green, green grass. Go buddy go.
– Checking the scores from around the league.

5 Friday
– Being complimented while taking someone’s complaint.
– Making the call you need to make but don’t want to.
– Staying late to help someone.
– Talking with total confidence about a subject that is, let’s face it, hard for people who don’t do it for a living to understand.
– A takeout bacon cheeseburger and fries just because that’s what you’re feeling to finish the week.

4 Thursday
Getting your flu shot this year. We’ll see if it works!

3 Wednesday
– Opening night of the hockey season.
– Leafs vs. Canadiens.
– Original Six teams.
– Cool sweaters.
– The way Auston Matthews toe-releases the puck on a shot from the slot. Goal!
– The last gasp of summer — a storm that sits over the horizon, just beyond the houses across the street, Mother Nature’s pouty face.

2 October
– Your brother’s birth.
– Honest first conversations.
– Room to be better at this.
– One good idea.
– The sound of wood creaking beneath your feet as you walk across the room.
– Wind that brings a new season, and shakes leaves from the trees.

1 Monday

A big day in a lot of ways and yet you just show up, take a few deep breaths, and by the end of it, your fears once again proved to overshoot their perceived threats. And besides, free bagels!