October 2019

by Tom Swift

16 Wednesday
– The RE Store.
– All stores that are dog-friendly.
– A hungry dog.
– Finding a hose hanger for $3.50 plus tax.
– Making an old colleague laugh.
– “The Swimmer” by John Cheevers.

15 Tuesday
– Writing all day.
– Working out at home.
– Soaking in warm water.
– The letter W.

14 Monday
– Fall early evening skies.
– Writing in the day’s small spaces.

13 Sunday
– The Highland Water Tower.
– Sun that comes out just in time for the evening walk.
– Heavy squats.
– Making time for writing throughout the day.
– Keeping the grocery bill down. But still getting some chips for guac because those avocados aren’t going to eat themselves.

12 Saturday
Being the only one in the office with time to get caught up.

11 Friday
– Not having any bills to pay. At least not today.
– Going to an art gallery in the middle of a weekday.
– Seeing an art history graduate student at the gallery, there by herself, studying — the voluntary kind.
– Small Yukon gold potatoes, sauteed and smothered with salt.

10 Thursday
– Doing what you are meant to do. If only for part of the day. So energy-infusing.
– Davani’s pizza.
– Guessing right when the correct answer is Zellweger.
– Clean teeth.
– Walking in the rain.

9 Wednesday
A chance to teach.

8 Tuesday
A chance to learn about money.

7 Monday
– The Mississippi River.
– The drive over the Mississippi River.
– The woman with blond curly hair who smiled at you and also laughed at your joke. Sometimes a moment means more than that. Even when shared with a stranger.

6 Sunday
– A new rug. One with the perfect colors. The kindness of strangers.
– A side order of pancakes.
– When bad customer service is made right by good customer service.
– Driving by an old haunt.

5 Saturday
– Sharing your idea with a group and getting more good ideas than you know what to do with.
– Support. A little bit goes a long way.
– A clean house.

4 Friday
Removing all the clutter. Getting ready to clean.

3 Thursday
– Functioning headlights.
– Extra spaghetti.
– Having more energy at the end of a long walk than at the beginning.

2 Wednesday
Blue suede shoes.

1 Tuesday
Extra writing time.