One Thing

by Tom Swift

One good meal. One solid workout. One night of sound sleep. The body is so smart, so responsive to the program we set for it. Take one step in the direction of health and the body becomes primed for the next one. And the next one. And the one after that. Willpower gets you the first step or three. From there it’s a matter of listening to the body. You eat some cauliflower, the body gets happy. You move your body vigorously (but not abusively), your body will let you know it is pleased. You turn off the phone (and all the other screens) and get to bed on time (and, hey, maybe a few ticks early), the body will make you feel like you woke up for the first time — you think clearly, manage stress as it comes, and look for positive connections all around. Just takes one. That’s it. One. You start by starting.