by Tom Swift


We got out of the car. A boy ran up. He asked my little buddy’s name. After I responded, he said, “nice to meet you, Barry.” The boy ran away. He went say hello next to some buddies.

That is how we were greeted on our first visit to Powderhorn Park.

The weather was just as welcoming. I don’t know that I have experienced a more comfortable evening, nestled as we were in the crevice of climate between warm and cool, between soothing and refreshing.

From a distance we saw a couple spread out on a blanket in the grass. You could not tell which legs belonged to which torso. Books were being consumed, I can confirm that much.

We got to greet Leo, a small white fur ball, twice on the paved loop around the park. Leo was among several other dogs out and about along with the people they were walking.

There were kids everywhere. Some were exploring. Others were practicing. One boy brought his mom a salad. He had the salad in his backpack.

On the far end of the park a peewee football team huddled up, hatching a play. And in the near soccer field a girl made a great save.

Above, puffy white clouds broke up the essential blue. Minneapolis has an underrated skyline. Trees, everywhere there were trees. Everywhere there was green. Fallen brown and gold leaves — the sprinkles on the green deliciousness, you might say.

I mean, you don’t see elephants kiss every day. But there they were last night.