Reset Button

by Tom Swift

Sometimes a week goes off the rails.

I have not written much this week — a sign of stress and also an absence that exacerbates stress.

I have lifted little weight this week, too. Same.

I usually choose to stand much of the day at work. Yesterday, I sat more than usual. At one point, while needing to do a lot of reading, I slumped in my chair. A sign I am physically tired. If a log of such a thing were kept, my sit time would have to be significantly higher at the end of weeks than at the beginnings. This is good evidence to have. The body is such a useful barometer.

I woke up on time this morning yet decided against the gym. Body: not today, bro. I will do a light workout in the basement. That will be enough.

Sometimes you need to regroup.

I am grateful for these breakdowns. They force me to get back to basics. When your energy wanes you have an opportunity to reassess what is most important. You can’t do everything. When you are full of energy you sometimes ignore this fact and go ahead and try.

One of my favorite comedians, Steven Wright, used to have a line in his routine that went like this: “You can’t have it all. I mean, where would you put it?”

You can’t do it all. I mean, where would you do it?

The weekend is coming. At present, I have a fuller calendar of social commitments than usual. But I can pare back. You almost always can.

The reset button is not hard to find.