Rest In Peace (Just Not on the Walkway, Please)

by Tom Swift

Only took one punch.

I kid because I can. Not because I should.

Sarcasm masks something. Oh you go ahead and figure it out.

I had known this friend had fallen. Now I know she can’t get up.

This was the view as of yesterday when I went outside for lunch.

So sad.

I had thought there was a chance my crabapple was making an improbable comeback. Spotted several budding limbs early this spring …

… alas.

My tree expert assuaged my fears that whatever caused her demise is not going to affect the health of my maple on the other side of the yard. Better not!

To clarify, this is not believed to be a COVID-19 causality. I recall an expert I consulted with two falls ago say that had not been a good spot for a crabapple. He had suggested I get rid of it to make room for something else. I guess I will now have the space. But I don’t know what I will do with that space just yet.

Too soon.