Russian Connection

by Tom Swift

It wasn’t just a hockey game. It was Us versus Them.

It was our way versus theirs.

Capitalism versus Communism.

America versus Russia.

We were all Americans then.

After our boys beat their men, our students beat their professionals, Americans who didn’t know the difference between icing a puck and icing a cake sang the national anthem spontaneously in public.

After the 1980 Olympic hockey team beat the Russians and then two days later won the the gold medal, the players were feted by the president of the United States.


Now? The juxtaposition is impossible to ignore.

Russia is again our enemy.

Russia attacked us in our presidential election of 2016.

Russia is attacking us during our presidential election of 2020.

These are widely accepted facts.

Also known: The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has murdered his political opponents, imprisoned dissenters of his policies, and forcefully invaded sovereign nations (among other crimes against humanity).

The current American president has on many occasions praised the current Russian president.

Our president has said he believes the side of the Russian president over our own intelligence agencies.

Our president has not once condemned Russian attacks on our democracy. Our president has openly asked for Russia to interfere in our elections.

In response to these statements and to these acts, our president retains almost universal support from his political party. The Congressional leader of that party has continually blocked legislation intended to counteract Russian cyberattacks on our elections.

However did we allow this state of affairs to be?


If you listen close, you can still hear the echo. But it’s fainter than it used to be. More than just the forty years seem to have past.