September 2018

by Tom Swift

30 Sunday
– Taking your time.
– Being willing to scrap parts of the plan.
– Weakness. It’s there. Don’t fight it.
– Insights that come when you confront the beast inside.
– Fall afternoons with wind and leaves and squirrels scurrying.
– Birds that fly so high overhead that they can and do glide for minutes at a time, just glide, glide, high up in the sky.
– Good food. No crap today. You need a day of solid choices. You give that to yourself.

29 Saturday
– The potency of dreams.
– The power of self-honesty.
– The solidity of preparation.
– Brisk mornings.

28 Friday
People who help you as though your concern were theirs.

27 Thursday
Broken bits of tree meat in the form of fruit and shells splattered on the sidewalk, presumably the debris from a squirrel party, that you step on and over on the evening walk home.

26 Wednesday
Wearing short sleeves on a chilly day, defying the Mother Nature as long as you can, you rebel you.

25 Tuesday
Really good, organically grown chicken thighs, baked with butter, falling off the bone.

24 Monday
Powering through a draft you have written before, and more than once, arranging the pieces, trimming nearly all the fat, but only nearly all, you’ve got to leave a bit — got to.

23 Sunday
Football games that allow time for naps.

22 Saturday
Being so immersed in a project that you let other things go, including the dishes.

20 Thursday
– An important conference.
– A way forward.
– You got this. You can do this. You will.
– The way your body reacts to an unblocked emotional barrier: muscles can be happy, you know — legs and arms and the way you speak without fear and with much humor you wonder why you would ever not face something you need to. The biggest high, way better than chemicals can produce.

19 Wednesday
High-rep squat day.

16 Sunday
Waking up and getting into the day, without delay, even if slowly.

15 Saturday
– Getting little things done in the small spaces of time.
– That it’s still warm enough to wear a T-shirt for your little buddy’s early morning pee.
– Realizing how great an upset it is for you to be this close to achieving a goal.
– Time spent studying.
– A friendly, patient, young face at the restaurant counter. You don’t see those every day.
– How quickly you can unblock energies that hold you back.
– How important it is to have someone who can help you unblock energies that hold you back.
– That your parents got together all those years ago.

14 Friday
– Hearing from a former employee who is now in law school.
– Facing your fears at work: relearning an old skill and putting it to practice.
– Shining the spotlight on a colleague and not trying to stand at all in the glare.
– When your mind keeps working out a problem, coolly and (somewhat) calmly, even when you told it it could rest for awhile.

13 Thursday
An hour and a quarter of one-on-one education from a good teacher.

12 Wednesday
– Serving as someone’s reference.
– Finding a customer service person who gives you her direct dial. Then calls you right back when you use it.
– Paying obligations back before you have to.
– Finding out those obligations might not be as sizable as you thought.

11 Tuesday
– Hearing from a former employee who is now a writer.
– Writing and working out in the same morning.

10 Monday
When you are looking for a designer and then suddenly you have a conversation with one who just might be available.

9 Sunday
Evening walks that you don’t want to end because the weather just might be impossible to improve upon.

8 Saturday
– When your intuition saves you seventy-four bucks.
– A guy named Ferris.
– Bringing your little buddy to a special place for the first time.
– A woman named Kim.
– Meeting members of your tribe.
– A guy named Dylan.
– When you can rep out 365-pound DLs.
– A woman named Veda.

7 Friday
Good news. On top of other news that has the potential to be good, too.

6 Thursday
– A woman who rescues squirrels.
– A dream that shows you the way home.
– A person who cares enough to get frustrated by you.
– People who care about pigs.

5 Wednesday
– Getting back in the game.
– Chickens everywhere around the world.

4 Tuesday
Going back to school. Figuratively at least.

3 Monday
– When the words that were so hard to find the night before appear, like that, the next morning.
– When you’re a little intense, and you show it, but that’s OK!
– Knowing it will happen now. Or later. You can’t control the when. But it will come. The wheels are already turning!
– Driving down the highway when Madonna’s “Rain” comes on the radio as raindrop appear on the windshield.
– The men and women who brought us the weekend.
– Egg bagel sandwiches.

2 Sunday

… it worked. Oh yeah.

1 Saturday
Sometimes, frankly, it sucks to be one who perceives the world through feel and emotion. The head always comes in. And it must, of course, but here there is a distinction that very probably won’t be articulated just now in a way that the reader will understand, but the intention is there for that. The mind can join the flow or it can interrupt it. Sometimes, interruption is good. Needed. Of course. Yet the mind can also be a task-master that serves only to block you from the path that is before you. This is when we should all over ourselves. Or, in the case of some (ding-ding, winner right here), when the mind presents challenges upon challenges; it’s about all the mind sees. It’ll stop you in your tracks, by golly. Yet the world wants exactly what this mind conjures — logical explanations for actions. You must access them or what else would you say during conversations? Except if you process in these other modes you either have to honor that or you’ll die. Today I am grateful that in a key moment I listened, listened, listened to my feelings, that I regarded my emotions, and that applied my mind in the service of both. Scary as hell. But …