Stand for Something

by Tom Swift

Jerry Nadler was asked on Meet the Press on Sunday: Is the evidence revealed in the Mueller Report impeachable?

He turned his head. He sat there for a few seconds. Finally, he said yes.

It was as if we were watching him make up his mind right then and there.

Regardless of your view of the matter, it was striking that it seemed not to have occurred to him that he would be asked that question.



“You know, Chuck, as chair of the House Judiciary Committee, I’m going to reserve judgment on the action Congress should take on this most important and solemn matter until we have a chance to finish our investigation.”

“I am, frankly, Chuck, worried every day what this president will do next to undermine our national security and further fray our moral fabric. I am not ready to answer your question. But it’s important for me to say that I spend all of my waking hours seeking the correct course of action in this critical moment in our nation’s history.”

There were several possible defensible answers. My frustration with the only major political party that doesn’t support a braggart about the sexual assault of women; a serial liar; a person who openly called for a foreign enemy to attack us; a man who — let’s face it, someone with such dubious character it would not be possible to list all the acts that make standing with him even more shocking than knowing those acts have been committed — my frustration is that too often key members of that party present as not clearly standing for anything.