Status Update

by Tom Swift

Seven days in. One full week of not taking levothyroxine. By now, the synthetic thyroid hormone should no longer be in my system. Game on.

No doubt, I experience what I would not go so far as to call symptoms but rather effects: lower energy and mood among them. Also a slight loss in strength (though I made my squat reps this morning — giddyup). I am grateful; these effects are not pronounced and they are not in any way constant. Just as often as I notice a negative effect I notice no effect at all. In other words, I have moments during the day when I have awareness that, hey, I forgot I undertook this challenge in the first place. A good sign.

I do, by the way, think of it that way, as a challenge. To be sure, there are greater mountains in this world to climb. Yet I don’t think this is an insignificant undertaking, at least not for me.

I have already encountered upsides, too. For example, when I was on the medication I could not consume anything save for water within an hour of my daily dose, which I took before waking (my joke; took before doing anything else is true). Now, if I want to, I can sip some coffee first thing — and certainly as I’m getting ready to hit the gym.

As I started drinking coffee long after I started on the levothyroxine this is a wholly new pleasure for me — one I will no doubt both enjoy and make regular use of in the next seven days.