The Dance

by Tom Swift

You only need to counteract self-restriction twice:

1. In order to begin.

2. In order to continue.

Once you begin to lift or write there is usually a moment some minutes in during which you consider stopping lifting or writing. If you let this inquisition go, if you do not indulge the idea that you may be better off doing something else simply to avoid the discomfort of the moment — the burn of the exercise or the futility of the draft — you will reach the end of the session.

That is all. Those are your great hurdles for the day.

One. Two.

One. Two.

Now any number of other undesirable activities will occupy your other hours. You will get through these. Or not. You may succeed in other ways. Or grow in other areas.

But those two two-steps are the ones that count. Really count.

For they sustain you through everything else.