The Difference

by Tom Swift

Everyone needs a hand now and then. Not excepting you.

Of course, it is best to try to support yourself. You are right to look first for your own answers. Usually, they will come.

It is unwise, however, not to see what you need.

It is not intelligent to think you are excepted from human condition.

You have resources. Make use of them.

How can you tell whether you are outsourcing your agency? It’s not as hard as it may seem: ask yourself whether you are coming at the matter from a posture of strength or one of weakness.

There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable or unsure or anxious or unclear. Yet don’t open these doors and look for another to walk in and take care of things.

Instead: Calm yourself. Journal. Rest. Accept. Look in the mirror. See with clear eyes.

Then, if you could still use some assistance, seek it.

And celebrate — both your decision and the opportunities available to you.