The Temple of Zoom

by Tom Swift

Safeguard your mind. Like Marcus Aurelius said you should. You are so easily influenced. The armies of computers come for you without regard to your purpose in this world. These powerful adversaries aim to draw you into their fantasy factory and then, once successful, once you have landed in their terrain, scatter your mind into so many bits. They aim, in other words, to weaken your most valuable resource — your beautiful mind. Against these mighty algorithms even the best of us will fail. Yet victory against them is under your control — it is completely in your power — that is, if you choose not fight the battle to begin with. Let the world tweet as it will. Post a centurion at your door. Instruct him to allow nothing in that would serve to take you away from what is real and what is true and what is in your power to do. You do not have time to waste. You cannot afford to wait. Take this step. Take it now.