The Weather Outside is Frightful

by Tom Swift

The sign says, “Walk-Ins Welcome” — not Drive-ins. Can’t you read, Bub?

At least there is medical care not far from here.

I kid because I can. I wish no one harm.

Icy streets are no fun — except for those wearing skates.

I made it to the gym, across town to meet the Saturday morning crew, and then even got over to the library to pick up a hold. This despite hockey-rink-like conditions outside this morning. The guy in this mini van was not so lucky. I sincerely hope no one was hurt.

At first, I gritted my teeth. I had been looking forward to this day and didn’t like when I knew I would have to cut the gym short and still I was going to be late. Then I started to get notices that some would not show for the proceedings at all. Then another event I had an eye on attending today was canceled outright. Yet, with hands firmly on 10 and 2, there was something pleasant about accepting the conditions at-hand and traveling at horse-and-buggy speeds. I noticed things I usually drive past too quickly to see. I was grateful to park my car, stand up without falling, and slowly shuffle into a building five miles from home — a series of events I almost always take entirely for granted. The meetup itself, despite sparse attendance, was fantastic. Maybe it was better because it was smaller. In any event, I was so happy to be there.

It’s a good reminder: We always have a choice about how we think about the world as it is. Which is, of course, easier to say when driving along in a vehicle that didn’t just crash into the front of a doctor’s office.