This Is It

by Tom Swift

Every day is a microcosm of life.

Every day, you could say, is a life.

Your day is birthed from death. It is dark. You are cold. Confused. You cannot see clearly.

After you get your wits about you, as much as you can, you realize you have near limitless choices before you. It is on you to decide what to do with your allotment of hours. Others may offer their views, some of them wise, yet you must choose what you shall do and how you shall do it.

In fact, there are not as many choices as you first think. From so many possibilities there are but a few that suit your nature.

The commitments to which you attach yourself are decided, of course, but also found. Nature tells you that you must maintain shelter and supply yourself with food. There are many ways to meet these necessities; some few of these are aligned with your nature but most are not.

Nature shows you that love is inside and so you care for yourself and others. And you harm both as little as you can.

Nature tells you that when you engage in certain acts, such as writing or lifting weights, your energy expands — you feel more alive. Nature tells you that when you engage in certain other acts, such as thumbing a phone, your energy lessens, your mind scatters — you stray from the reason you are here.

You should not dismay if through the course of your day you sometimes engage in acts that do not honor nature. Yet you should gently let go of those things and return to the natural acts as soon as you can.

Nature gives you the power to make meaning. You only have so much time to do this.

Twenty-four hours, in fact.

While is this is not a lot of time the aim is not to rush. Meaning comes best through calm. To speed up is not to understand more.

The world will try to induce you and entice you to go faster and spend more time on things that do not suit you. There is great reward in eschewing these overtures and entreaties.

Either way, by the end of your day, you will see what you learned and how much you honored nature along the way.