This Space

by Tom Swift

To journal is to make space for thinking.

Give yourself permission not to produce or curate. You do well with modest expectations.

A journal is a tool, not a product. It’s what it does for you — not what you make of it.

Worry not about the state of your journal. Focus on the state of your regard for yourself — and your place in the world.

Products are best delivered happily.

To the extent you have gifts that are of wider use those are accessed through calm consideration, with pen in hand or fingers on keyboard. You have your marching orders. Let’s not join anymore foreign armies.

You are discursive; this OK. There is advantage in it even. Use this part of your nature to its best effect.

One way to look at your writing is that you are but a humble note taker. Most of it isn’t you anyway.

Mellow: do not be hasty here. You love this time and there is nothing at all wrong with that.