Three Things

by Tom Swift

I have over time discovered that there are three things I must do each morning in order to have any semblance of a chance to win the day:

  1. Write something that moves me.
  2. Move me (work out).
  3. Take care of my dog (walks, meals, meds, bath*).
  • While the dog still gets his daily doses, I have, of late, gotten away from the first two tenets.
  • About this fact I am neither going to beat myself up nor give myself a pass. The point here merely is to acknowledge.
  • We always want to know what to do about a problem. We want solutions. We want to solve the future. I know — I have looked for answers high and low. There is more power, I have come to believe, in the act of merely acknowledging — of recognizing, of stating, of identifying — personal truth. The psyche knows what to do from there. And is probably way ahead of you anyway.
  • For me, things don’t seem to be real until I externalize them. Well, that’s not always true. But it is the case since my processing mode is writing that the act is going to help me see myself with clearer eyes than if I merely look inside my “head.” (I know, I know meditation is good — but writing, for me, gets the job done more effectively — or maybe it’s my form of meditation … but I am not interested in further pursuit of this line of inquiry.) Besides, there’s so much to wade through up there in this noggin of mine that you would need a pretty strong flashlight and a pair of specs so powerful they don’t yet have available a prescription for them.
  • A friend mentioned the other day that empathy (and this is a paraphrase of a quote she was reading, the source of which I do not recall) is seeing another person from the inside and seeing yourself from the outside. That rings true. And the latter is far easier to fail to do. At least for me.
  • Writing is one way to do that. I usually tend to stay away from too much self-analysis in this space because, really, who cares? And yet I wonder if I might do more of that. The current moment is a time that calls for reflection. I am in my head a lot and, well, that is what is. I am neither going to beat myself up about that fact nor give myself a pass. I will instead see what comes up. And hope my psyche puts it to some use.
  • * Depending on the path and performance during the walk.