Time After Time

by Tom Swift

As much as possible, fill your hours with action that stirs your best self.

This is not a call for perpetual achievement. Sometimes the best use of a moment is to do nothing at all.

Yet so many possible discretionary actions are worth letting pass you by.

Think of the Sunday newspaper. On some level you want to read every article so as to be well-informed. A piece would not be placed if not in some way important. Yet of course you do not read every word. Sometimes very little of the paper speaks to you. To continue reading out of an arbitrary idea that doing so is good is to do little but waste precious time.

Life is like that thick stack of possibilities: many opportunities for learning, pleasure, connection.

Pick and choose based what moves you — what speaks to you, what piques your curiosity.

Follow your bliss, as Joseph Campbell said.

If it’s work — if it’s self-imposed obligation — well, you’re already stocked up in that.