Tricks Are for Kids

by Tom Swift

When you are too tired, let go.

When you are too tight, let go.

When you are holding on, let go.

When you wish for a different world, a different outcome, a different option, let go.

That person you think you should be, oh yeah, let that go.

That person you want him or her to be, you know, you know, on that, you must let go.

There is never one answer and there never ever will be.

But you can count on this: stop. Breathe. Wait. The strength will come and it won’t take long. A few breaths more always gets you closer.

Now gather it — all of it — the notions and the potions and the assumptions and the expectations and the disappointments — into a bundle or, if you prefer, squeeze it all into a boulder. Then imagine the water below your feet, below the edge of the bridge on which you stand, imagine the water receive and accept fully all of what you no longer have to carry because you have let it go.