What is Going on Here?

by Tom Swift

“Rarely is a person seen to be in a bad way because he has failed to attend to what is happening in someone else’e soul, but those who fail to pay careful attention to the motions of their own souls are bound to be in a wretched state.” -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 3.8

Concern yourself with your own intentions. Your own choices. Your own beliefs.

Now it is OK to ask questions — to wonder about the reason for things. Yet understand that you only get to know so much here. People often don’t fully know their own whys and, even when they do, are not obligated to share them. You are likely to get a partial rationale at best. The answers you get may not satisfy. In fact, they may be distortions.

All you can do for certain is to heed what is important to you — to neither disregard your reservations nor fail to challenge your impulses.

You have plenty to sort out. It’s enough to tend to your own soul.