What You Can Find Between the Cushions

by Tom Swift

I remember the day, if not the date, that I lost my iPod Shuffle.

It was early in the morning, still dark, and I was on my way into the gym. Somehow and somewhere in the 10 feet between the front seat of my car and the front door of the gym dropped the Shuffle — and knew it.

I looked in the bushes, under the car, between and behind the seats. As I had not purchased it long before, I went back later that same day to make sure it had not landed underneath another car now gone. I went back to make sure it wasn’t in a bush. Dropping it, that was not hard for me to believe I had done. Not being able to find it … it had. To be. Right. Here.

Certainly. this was at least a year ago. I know that much because of how long it’s been since I belonged to that gym and how low the low light was when I went in to run that day. I had at one point after that attempted to replace Shuffle but was told Target didn’t carry them anymore. Eventually, I moved on. Eventually, I forgot I lost it. I found other means to get my tunes while running, while rowing. I used another device to listen to podcasts while falling asleep.

One of the underrated things in this life is the ability to vacuum your own car at your own home — no quarters needed. Which I did yesterday for the first time.

Several minutes into said vacuuming I pushed the seat way up, poked the vacuum arm around and — yep, you guessed it — my little blue Shuffle slipped onto the backseat floor right in front of me.

I had, of course, left the thing on and it to have been dead for at least 13 months. The orange light was so weak when I plugged it in I suspected I was not going to be able to resuscitate. Yet last night I fell asleep listening to a Sam Harris podcast. This morning I woke up listening to a Bruce Springsteen song.

It’s alive!