Why Are We Here?

by Tom Swift

No matter what you think of that dude flexing in the mirror at your gym, or the beauty on the red carpet, compared to the physical prowess of the other species, the human body is not especially impressive.

An eagle can see more keenly.

A dog can smell better.

An elephant is stronger.

A giraffe is taller.

A cheetah can run faster.

A dolphin can jump higher.

A kangaroo bounds further.

We can’t fly. We must be taught to swim. We can only run so far. We do not have night vision. We do require much rest.

About the only physical attribute a human has over every other earthly species is this: we can throw pretty good. (Anthony Fauci excepted.)

Throwing is great for game-playing and maybe hunting big game but otherwise not a skill that makes one slap one’s head and say, “oh yes, that is why we are here!”

What humans bring foremost to the terrestrial smorgasbord are the products of our internal organs: thought (reason) and feeling (love).

Using the flawed Western dualism for short: we are more mind than body.

Of course, other animals have powers in these areas — we know animals think and feel, love and connect — but none in the known world have the same level of depth of connection and inspiration and communication and deduction as that of we two-legged up-righters.

This understanding should help focus your aims in two regards:

1. To frame your physical as an important support of your mental/emotional. It is a means not an end.

2. To remember the mental/emotional is what the greater whole needs from you. Bring your A game. And help others do the same.