Words About Numbers

by Tom Swift


You have to love the symmetry.

The cleanliness.

Today is a day that even the most rabid anti-Gregorians would have to admit is pretty frickin’ sweet, dude.

I think we all know that even-numbered years are better years. And balanced days on even numbered years? Off the charts, man. Plus you have the perfect Ones. And the clear sighted twenty-twenty. There is a reason they call it 20/20 vision. Because it can’t get better. Today, behold, we are witness to the rare and true. The rock stars of numbers!

And balance. Who doesn’t strive for more balance in his or her life?

You want balance: you got balance right here. Don’t even need to try. The stars are aligned for you, the time is now. The new gym membership is available (just waiting for your credit card and the consent form).

I just wrote the date in my notebook, as I do every day. Except it was different. Because this is not every day. There is only one of these. Truly. There will be more Wednesdays, of course, and more new years, to be sure — may I see them, many of them, and you, too — but there will not again be a one-one-twenty-twenty.

Now, technically, you could have said the same thing about 02/13/2019. Or even 03/16/2018. But the statement would not have had the same oomph, would it? Not the same immediacy. The same getup-and-go. Not the same awe-inspiring, blog-post-motivating, dream-creating lift. No — I don’t think so.

What a time to be alive.

What an opportunity to be.

What will come today?

What will you make on this glorious occasion?

01/01/2020: There is only one thing left to do but rise up to meet the day’s rarified goodness with some of your own.